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We are not your typical property-buying company… What sets us apart is we pay MARKET VALUE or above on property that meets our criteria. Selling your property privately to us is often the smartest, easiest, and most rewarding way to sell, not to mention saving you upwards of $30,000 on real estate commissions and marketing fees.


No, we don’t buy everything but if your property meets our criteria then we will make you an offer.

Yes, we buy mainly property in Auckland but will consider your property no matter where it is in the country.

No. There are no commisions whatsoever when selling to us, so you instantly save tens of thousands of dollars.

The typical real estate agent charges around 3-4%+GST commission on the purchase price, which for example can be between $34,500 to $46,000 on a sale of say a $1 Million dollar property. Marketing expenses are usually in addition to this and can cost normally between $1,000 to $4,000

Any condition, in fact in many cases we prefer a property that has work to be done. We are interested in all types – tidy, messy, clean, dirty, unconsented, damaged, or perfectly fine.

Unlike many other private house buying companies who are usually trying to get a cheap deal, and often purchase property well below market value, we try to make the transaction work for everyone, at a great price, and with little hassle.

If we have reached out to you then your property meets our initial buying criteria. If you have found us via a friend or stumbled across this website randomly then contact us to find out. We will be able to tell you either over the phone or after a quick visit to the property.

Assuming your property meets our criteria then the offer you get from us will be worth serious consideration.

We decide on our offer price by first calculating ‘Market Value’ using a number of online tools. All of these factors give us a figure that we expect the property would sell for on the open market – The ‘Market Value’.

The offer we make will be highly influenced by the ‘Market Value’ but will aim to NET you more and leave all of the sale proceeds in your pocket.

Don’t forget, as well as an attractive offer price you will also save 2-4% on agents selling fees. In most cases, our sellers end up somewhere between $40,000 – $100,000 better off by ‘selling to us’ rather than listing with an agent.

No, we don’t buy from agents for a couple of reasons.

If a seller decides to list the property on the open market after receiving an offer from us, then our offer becomes null and void.

At any one time, we might be negotiating a number of properties privately that do not have agent fees. This allows us to make better offers without unnecessary commissions and fees.

Also, we don’t buy a property that has been recently listed on the market but has been unceccssesful. Sometimes after an unsuccessful sales campaign sellers seek to accept our prior offer – In these scenarios, we generally consider the risk too high for us to continue at the agreed price.

Around 30% of properties don’t sell on the market within the typical 90 day agency period. Usually this is the result of the asking price being too high. Our goal is to pay a fair price but at the same time save sellers $30,000+ in commissions and marketing fees. Our philosophy is to create a win-win for both parties.


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